Urgent Family Law Matters

Acting quickly in response to an unforeseen event

Urgent applications can be complex and stressful however Courts prioritise certain matters needing urgent attention

Urgent applications can be complex

Urgent Matters

Often a party to a family law dispute can find themselves in the situation where it is necessary to act quickly in response to an unforeseen event. The appropriate action is to take prompt and direct action however, care also needs to be taken when making the application to the Court for urgent relief to ensure that the proceedings have the best chance of success.

While it is our preference to attempt to negotiate matters outside of Court, we also recognise that urgent issues require the Court’s immediate attention. In an urgent situation it is important you are supported by an experienced family lawyer to assist you to take prompt action and obtain urgent relief.

We prioritise urgent matters to ensure that they are given our immediate attention. If you are experiencing an urgent family law matter, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible and let us know that your enquiry is urgent.

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