Step Parent’s Rights

Family Law provides for all types of parenting even when the child is not biologically yours

Being a step parent does not mean you can’t continue a relationship with your stepchildren

Family Law provides for all types of parenting

Step Parent’s Rights

The Court recognises that children have a right maintain a meaningful relationship with all significant people in their lives.

Step parents are a prominent and increasingly common part of everyday family life. While the emotional connections between you and your step children may be strong, the legal connections between you may be less secure. Step parents do not automatically have legal parental responsibility for their step children, so if you want to continue your relationship with your stepchild after separation, and the child’s biological parent protests, you may require legal intervention.

Parenting orders are one-way you can obtain parental responsibility for your stepchildren. A parenting order can also provide for specific arrangements that allow you to spend time and communicate with your step child, go to school events, and participate in their health and education. Every blended family is different, so we need to understand your specific circumstances before we can provide you with advice tailored just for you.

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