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Married couples in Australia can apply for divorce if their marriage has broken down irretrievably

Separation and divorce are life changing events


Separation and divorce are life changing events that can have a dramatic effect on your emotional and financial wellbeing. It is important to know your rights, obligations, and entitlements if you are going through a separation or divorce.

The Court will generally make a Divorce Order where it is satisfied that the marriage has broken down and there is no reasonable likelihood of you and your former partner getting back together.

While a divorce order is formal recognition from the Court that your marriage has ended, it is separate and distinct to your property settlement and parenting arrangements.

It is important to be aware that proceedings for property settlement and spousal maintenance must be commenced within one year of the divorce. Applications can only be made after this period with the approval of the Court, and this can be difficult to obtain.

Divorce proceedings can typically be sought after 12 months of separation from your partner.

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